The TE3 model was developed in the context of a doctoral study funded by the Helmholtz Association through the Research School on Energy Scenarios. A comprehensive description of the TE3 model can be found in my doctoral thesis "The Impact of Electric Cars on Oil Demand and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Key Markets", available here.

A list of my peer-reviewed journal papers is available here.

Further peer-reviewed conference papers can be found here and after 2017 below:

  • Gómez Vilchez, J. (2018) Exploring the Battery Market for Electric Cars. Presented at the 36th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, August 6-10, Reykjavík (Iceland). Full paper available here.
  • Gómez Vilchez, J., Deuten, S., Thiel, C. (2018) Exploring Fuel Cell Car Market Uptake in Europe. Presented at the 1st Workshop "System Dynamics in Transportation Modelling", March 23, Vienna (Austria). Abstract available here.